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I am so grateful for every one of you supporting our love of Essential Oils, our mission to reduce waste and clutter in people's lives and our hope to create a simpler more family focused lifestyle for your family and ours!

We live in the small seaside town of Snells Beach with our beautiful children. We are a blended family glued together by our cheeky Wolfie who is now 3 years old! The 'boys' are with us fulltime and the 'girls' fly up from the South Island every school holidays.

We absolutely love being together and cherish every moment! We spend as much time as possible doing what we love. Surfing, camping, fishing and walking in nature.

Food is a BIG deal in our house and Mum and Dad both love fresh, organic and tasty food (mum has banned processed food and sugar in our house but dad escapes us to Mc Donalds when she isn't looking! Mum is a 'minimalist nut' and keeps our house and lives clutter free so we can get on and do fun things.

Asher and Alyssa are becoming teenagers so are pretty obsessed with all things tech, fashion and friends while Boaz and Bryalee (the middles) are 100% obsessed with animals and nature (Brys wants to be a vet and Bo in Animal conservation). Wolfie is just cute and full of love for all his siblings but is especially enamoured by Daddy who spoils him rotten.

Mum and Dad decided (after a huge argument) in January 2018 that alcohol and family was not a great combination... so have since remained alcohol free. The struggle with addiction soon moved to sugar but the sugar addicts group is nearly abolished three years later!

Dad (aka Ron Daddy) packages and sends out the most amazing Wellness Tools to your door (when he gets home from fishing)!

Mum (Amy) teaches people how to use Essential Oils Safely and Effectively through her online classes at Simply Wellness - her goal is to show other families how simple living a wellness lifestyle can be and has a huge drive to help those dealing with addiction or as she calls it 'stuckness' in their life. Weather that be food, alcohol, relationships, shopping, clutter, business etc - she wants to use her magic mummy powers to get you on track and she will for sure put you on the right path with an Essential Oils protocol and be warned she will not let you leave the room without Life Long Vitality supplements that she is OBSESSED with!

Welcome to our family and we hope you came here and found what you are looking for!


Amy Boyd

[email protected]

+64 22 4022065


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