What Does It Mean To Be An Essentialist?

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what does it mean to be an essentialists



I learned a few things from 2020 that I want to implement in 2021.

Essentialists value community & connection
Essentialists value natural, preventative, proactive (and when necessary) collaborative health care
Essentialists value education, self development & self empowerment
Essentialists want to be the best version of themselves so they can live a life that really matters

So this is the revised plan for 2021.

  1. Essentialists share their learnings, wins and questions with one another here on this page
  2. Bi-weekly meetings at iPRESS cafe to learn simple/ effective/ proven ways to improve their wellness
  3. Focus of our meet-ups will be to connect and network with like minded beautiful humans
  4. Strong focus on Essentialists meeting up outside of the group - this is where the magic glue of community happens
  5. Monthly online 'Intro to the Essentialists' classes to update/ kickstart your oily use, intro friends/ family or simply have your Qs answered
  6. Bi-monthly 'Online Oil Camp' to get you ship shape in your Oily usage and making the most of your investment
  7. Free 15 minute Wellness Consults (first 2 months) for Loyalty customers (100PV per month) - reach out if you want to learn how to set this up.

If you have not yet got an Essentialists membership please reach out.

Amy Boyd +64 22 4022 065

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