Kids Bath & Sleep Kit

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I know it can be tough for kids to get to sleep when they have sniffly noses or ticky minds!

That is why I have put together this epic little 'Kids Pack'.


1 x Starman Diffuser RRP $88

1 x Lavender Peace 15ml aka 'sleepy juice' RRP $63

1 x Easy Air 15ml aka 'no snottys' RRP $43

1 x OnGuard 15ml aka 'no germies' RRP $61

1 x Lavender Peace Bath bar RRP $14.67

+ Access to The Essentialists + Automatic doTERRA wholesale enrolment (25% off for a year)

Evening Routine: Some tips for sanity & more restorative sleep.

1. Screens off before dinner.

2. Early dinner.

3. If you want to do dessert limit sugar and dairy (fruit is a great option).

4. Bath with Lavender Peace Bath bar

5. Add a few drops of Onguard oil (diluted in a tablespoon of coconut oil to reduce germs and boost immunity).

6. Lavender Peace in the diffuser (2-4 drops depending on age of child)

7. You can add Easy Air to the above if child has sniffly/ stuffy nose (2-4 drops)

8. Save the OnGuard for the morning as it is very fresh and uplifting and will 'protect' child and boost immunity during their day.

9. Read books with child before bed (lovely time for connection and cuddles) to help make them feel safe and secure.

10. 'I love you', 'see you when the sun comes up', 'prayers' and  slowly leave the room.

Your child will absolutely love the soft array of stars on their ceiling from the diffuser and feel safe knowing that if they touch the diffuser and it knocks over it will automatically turn off.

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