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Lavender Essential Oil

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15ml Lavender Essential Oil Blend by dōTERRA

Lavender has been used and cherished for centuries for its unmistakable aroma. In ancient times, the Egyptians and Romans used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking, and as a perfume dōTERRA Touch® Lavender comes in a convenient 10mL roll on bottle and is combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • 15 ml
  • Approx 250 drops


Top Benefits

  • Inhale directly from cupped hands
  • Diffuse at night to calm a restless baby
  • Make a room spray - add 15 drops to an 8 oz spray bottle with H2O
  • Add 2-3 drops into a warm bath with Epsom salts
  • Add to dryer balls
  • Add a few drops to tea or water to reduce anxious feelings and promote peaceful sleep
  • Apply to bottoms of feet at bedtime to help unwind
  • Put a few drops on your pillow at night
  • Add a few drops to diffuser jewelry
  • Apply to skin to soothe irritations




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