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My dreams of 'perfection' felt out of my grasp so I used booze to make the lights brighter and my sad smile last longer.

It took me hitting the bottom & losing everything to realise it was all a distraction.

Perfection doesn't exist.

And sometimes we need these challenges because they bring us Magic.

My Magic reconnected me with myself, my family, a new community focused on well-being and a thriving business.

Essential Oils are magical gifts that need to be shared, but also treated with respect. They give us the chance to use mother nature to help support our wellness before we turn to more traditional medicine. If you haven't had a chance to experience oils yet, we have the tools and community for you to make the most of them.



This is how I started. These people are focused on the WELLNESS of themselves and their families and use the oils to enhance this.


These people love and want to support their family & community so they share their essential oils and get rewarded with FREE essential oils.


These people are in my Essentialist Team and have created a FREEDOM lifestyle for themselves and their family.

Eleanor's story: inspiring and couragous.

You might have met Eleanor before- she started up the delicious Monday's Cafe in Kingsland, Auckland with her friend, Hannah. She loved it but knew she needed to get out to regain control of her life again.

Since then she has become a passionate member of the doTERRA Community.

I love spending time with her!

Rethink what you know about network marketing.

"My role as a leader in doTERRA is to help mentor, educate and help women to rise up, spread wellness and create freedom and wealth for their family!"

Amy Boyd.

"The business opportunity with doTERRA for me has been life changing. For the first time ever I've got regular income coming in every month, flexibility with my kids; when it's school holidays I can take time off to be with them. The flexibility has been absolutely amazing for me."

Eleanor Ozich.

the home essentials kit.

so much more than TEN bottles of oil.

Kick the Chemist to the curb — modern medicine should be saved for when we really need it. Bring your daily wellness into your own hands with the Home Essentials Kit.

Every pack contains:

- 1 x Lavender Oil.

- 1 x Easy Air® Oil.

- 1 x DigestZen® Oil.

- 1 x On Guard™ Oil.

- 1 x Frankincense Oil.

- 1 x Tea Tree Oil.

- 1 x Lemon Oil.

- 1 x Oregano Oil.

- 1 x Peppermint Oil.

- 1 x Ice Blue® (5 mL) Oil.


- 1 x Petal Diffuser.

- 10 x Amber Glass Roller Bottles.

- 2 x 50ml Amber Mist Sprays.

- 2 x 500ml Premium Spray Bottles.




Apart from the price benefits, the Wholesale package has bags of added value and there's no monthly commitments or contracts to sign.

- doTERRA's top 10 oils: Lavender, Easy Air®, DigestZen®, On Guard™, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lemon, Oregano, Peppermint, Ice Blue® (5 mL).

- 1 x Petal Diffuser.

- 10 x Amber Glass Roller Bottles.

- 2 x 50ml Amber Mist Sprays.

- 2 x 500ml Premium Spray Bottles.

- Become part of 'The Essentialists' Community Facebook page.

- Get a 10% discount from The Wellness Advocate website on all of your support products, including high quality glassware to replace the plastic in your home and beautiful diffusers to create your own Home Spa environment.

- Free Oil Camp Experience (a ten day online learning experience where you will learn the physical and emotional support all ten oils can contribute to your life), fun and interactive DIY videos to help you rid your home of toxins by learning how easy it is to replace self care and home cleaning products with your new oils). This will be approximately twenty minutes of your time each day, you can log on anytime that suits your schedule - the videos are even subtitled for those breastfeeding mummas!

- Free entry to all of our ongoing community education events.

-Wholesale accounts mean a HUGE 25% off Retail prices.

- Opportunity to join the Loyalty Rewards Program & save up to a WHOPPING 55% on Retail prices.

- Opportunity to earn FREE products each month, greater discounts and shipping points.

- There is NO COMMITMENT to purchase anything else.

- There is the Opportunity to upgrade your account for FREE at anytime to become a Wellness Advocate if you wish to Share the Oils with friends and family to earn free oils or supplement or replace your income by joining our community of Entrepreneurs.

Amy Network Marketing.image9

This was the pivotal moment in my life.

The moment that helped me go from barely surviving to loving & thriving, was when I made the decision to start living, with three simple steps.

  1. Take responsibility.
  2. Make a decision.
  3. Take action.

I'm a tall poppy and I vow to stand up, scars and all and be the light for others that feel they're in a hopeless situation.

My decision helped me achieve the freedom I deserved.

The freedom we all deserve.

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