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Why dōTERRA essential oils?

Essentially, essential oils are the immune system of the plant — the volatile compounds found within the bark, seeds, leaves, petals, resin and rinds of plants, extracted and distilled. These tiny organic molecules are the innate intelligence within the plant that keeps it healthy and thriving, protected from the elements, resilient to pests and plague, and serving a variety of protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes. These concentrated compounds can deliver similar benefits to our personal health.

Reduce toxins 

Natures Solutions Kit - An inexpensive, non-toxic alternative to commercial cleaners, basic first aid, skin care and emotional and physical support are essential oils, they will soon become your go-to for you and your family. If you haven't been to a Nature's Solutions class you can watch one on-line HERE or book into come to one with me in Auckland or at a location that suits you.

Become the 'Healer in your home'

Kick the chemist to the curb — modern medicine should be saved for when we really need it. We can take our daily health into our own hands with the 'Home Essentials Kit'.

Start Small... tick one health goal off at a time...


Quality sleep                                                 Improve your diet                                             Move your Body

It is critical that the oils you choose for your family are 100% pure, organic and rigorously tested to confirm they are free of pesticide or herbicide residue, weeds, synthetic fillers, imitation oils, carriers or any other forms of adulteration.

It is also paramount you learn how to use these oils safely, therefore I invite you to come to a class and learn more about how these oils can change your life.

For more information on how dōTERRA essential oils can help detox your life, please call me +64 22 4022 065 or email

These incredibly powerful remedies have been used for centuries and I am making it my mission to help people reconnect with these drops and empower people to reach for natural solutions first; without synthetics, without side effects, without prescriptions and for our futures sake – without a harmful environmental impact.

Linking hands to create freedom, purpose and abundance for ourselves and each other. ​We’re on a mission to share the wisdom of mama earth and elevate families with natural solutions for health and wellbeing.

The Essentialists

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