Three Safe Ways to use doTerra's Oils

Hannah Horton is a smitten new mumma and amazing wife. She is a passionate advocate for light, natural living and loves helping others make these simple changes too.

Before we get started we want to start with safety first!
Topical: Find attached the Safe Dilution guide for topical use.
Food Flavouring: We have more recipes and information in the Nutrition section. Just remember to always check the label to confirm it has been tested and is safe for food flavouring.
Aromatic: You can sniff direct from an open bottle. Put a drop on your palm, rub hands together and sniff (be careful not to get in eyes). Fill diffuser to water level and add 4 - 8 drops of your choice of oils. 


 Pitsinee Chaisarn - Mum of two teenagers, a foodie/ a wholefood caterer who loves all things natural. Pit loves to empower people with the power of wholefood and plant medicines through food, low tox lifestyle and essential oils.

In this video Pit shows three awesome recipes she uses everyday.
All Purpose Cleaner (recipe in handout below) Soft Cleaning Paste (1/2 Cup Baking Soda, 1 Tblsp Onguard Concentrate, 6 drops Clove Oil) Air Freshener (50:50 Water and Witch Hazel, Add Oils of your choice, Purify Blend and Citrus Oil of your choice is what Pit recommends). 

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DIY First Aid Kit

 Jessie Buttons - Jessie Buttons, also known as The New Zealand Super Nanny, is a Teacher, Speaker and Behaviour Consultant. She has an amazing ability to inspire and coach parents, helping them to come to a new level of understanding.

To learn more about this EPIC Essentialists Babe head over to her website!
"As a parent, I want my kids to thrive and Jessie has helped me learn how to encourage them according to their own God-given design. I love the added benefit that her insights have also helped strengthen my marriage at the same time."
Jody South - Cambridge, NZ

Eleanor Ozich

is a mum of three, number one best selling author of cookbooks, Viva writer, Cafe founder and queen of Simple! She loves the Home Essentials Kit! Check out her website and learn to cook in her awesome course Joy of Food.


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