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What are the benefits of a
doTerra Member?

I am sure that you have thought about this before, but you still have many questions about doTERRA Membership. I am here to answer all your questions and give you all the benefits of becoming a doTERRA Member. 

What is a doTerra Membership
How to apply for doTerra Membership
The Benefits of doTerra Membership

What is a doTERRA membership? 

doTERRA membership isn't different from all those wholesale warehouses where you pay for an annual membership. The difference is that with doTERRA membership, you'll get pure essential oils with great discounts, up to 25% off all of your purchases for a whole year. 

The annual fee that you'll need to pay for doTERRA membership is $35 for the first year, and after that, if you want to keep your account, you pay a $25 renewal fee, and also you will get a free Peppermint essential oil.

There are two doTERRA membership options:
Wholesale Customer
Wellness Advocate 

Today I am going to help you to become a Wholesale Customer- the most popular membership in doTERRA. 

How to apply for doTERRA Membership?

Option 1

Becoming a doTERRA Member is so simple and in just a few clicks. With these simple steps, you can access essential oils at special low prices. 

If you're ready to place an order, please follow the steps outlined below. And if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us at

  • Enter my online shop here
  • Choose “join and save” 
  • Choose your language and country
  •  Choose ‘local
  • Choose ‘wholesale
  • Enter your personal information. *At enroller ID, enter my number: 4511661 and click verify to make sure my name comes up
  • Set up a password
  • Select the Kit you would like or if Oils select Introductory $35 Kit first then select your oils
  • Enter your credit card details and process your order.

Option 2

If you'd want some assistance deciding which oils are best for you, please contact ME now to talk about it. I'd love to help you and learn more about your needs. CLICK HERE

  • Enter my starter pack shop here
  • Choose the Kit you desired 
  • Choose your language and country
  • Enter your personal details and card details to process your order
  • You will receive an order confirmation immediately.
  • Program Agreement and doTERRA Wholesale Agreement forms will be sent to your email within 24 hours
  • Simply click on the link and fill up 
  •  If you will have encounter problems in filling up don't hesitate to reach us out via messenger, we'd be happy to assist you
  • Submit the form and download your result.

The Benefits of doTerra Membership

doTERRA Membership allows you to have a couple of benefits if you apply for it. The main reason many of the Doterra wholesale members have to account is that they can purchase oils directly from Doterra and not through others. 

Warm Welcome

When you become a member with me you will receive access to The Essentialists Facebook private group with bi-weekly meet-ups & live streams. 

Infinite Education

You will be given access to all online resources full of inspiration and ideas, along with valuable updates and news, and oil camps.  

30-Minute 1:1 Call with Amy

Your new toxic free life starts!  You will get to know me (and my story) and I hope I can inspire you to create one change at a time that will help you transform your life, health and community too!


Since you love oils and their amazing effects, I'm sure you want to have them all at home at all times. The doTERRA team knows this, too, so with your membership offers you up to 25% discount off the retail prices all-year-round orders. 

Loyalty Reward Program

doTERRA has an amazing Loyalty Rewards Program known as LRP. What is so amazing about LRP? One a month, you will receive a gift. You will get 10-30% back with every purchase. With saving your points, you can have more of the expensive oils for free.


If you love to share the beauty of the oils with others, then you'll need to become a Wholesale advocate. And with your doTERRA membership, you will have the opportunity to be a Wholesale Advocate. In addition to being able to share the oils, you will also be able to make money with doTERRA Wellness Advocate. 

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