Oil Camp Kit - Essential Oil starter pack (Premium)

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The Ultimate bundle of goodies to get you set up to use your Essential Oils:

10 x Amber Glass Roller Bottles

2 x 50ml Amber Mists Sprays

2 x 500ml Premium Spray Bottles

  • Maximise the use of your oils by blending them with FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil)

  • Reduce toxins in your home by learning how to GREEEN CLEAN your home

  • Create your own Pure-Fumes and Mood enhancing blends

  • Create your own First Aid Natural Sprays

Essential Oils Usage

There are SO many ways essential oils can help every family. Here’s 100 ways to use some of my favourites…

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There is always hope and everyone has the ability to turn their life around and live out their passion and dreams.

Five-Day Oil Camp

Your five day mini course to take your 'lowest hanging fruit' - the foundations of health and create success in all of these areas.

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Essential Oil Usage

Learn more essential oil tips and recipes for living an essentialists lifestyle.

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