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Simply Wellness Ltd

Premium Trigger Spray Bottle (500 ml)

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500ml Amber Glass Trigger Spray Bottle


500ml Amber Glass trigger spray bottles are a perfect way to Green Clean your home.

  • Industrial trigger spray top for excellent spray coverage without Leaks or blockages

  • Adjustable Nozzle to ensure you have control over your cleaning

  • Will fit perfectly in your hand and at the same time, are large enough that you won't constantly have to refill!

  • Very stylish addition to your home

  • Eco conscious - cut down on all of those plastic bottles

  • Blend your own cleaning products to your own liking (a few ideas below)

  • Less than $2 per refill when you buy doTERRA wholesale Essential Oils


  • Bathroom Blend (15 drops OnGuard Blend, 5 drops Tea Tree Oil, One Tblsp Onguard concentrate or castille soap)

  • Kitchen Blend (15 drops OnGuard Blend, 5 drops Lemon Oil, One Tblsp Onguard concentrate or castille soap)

  • Glass Cleaner  (15 Drops Lemon Oil, Water and (optional) One Tblsp Onguard concentrate or castille soap)


Please note:

If you are making your own cleaning blends:

Essential Oils should also not be used in greater than a 5% concentration. Ie more than 25 drops per fill. Some oils may react with the plastic/rubber internal components of the trigger and cause premature failure.

If you are using the sprayer in combination with White/Cleaning Vinegar- Bear in mind-this is acidic and in strong concentrations can cause accelerated wear on the rubber diaphragm within the trigger pump. We don't recommend using greater than 120ml (1/2 Cup) per 500ml fill.


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