Dreaming by The Wellness Advocate Co Nz


Today I asked my five children what their dreams are! And I was blown away by the level of conversation, connection and commitment to success.
It was the last day all of my babes were together before starting their 2020 adventure.
Wolfgang River (2) wants to be a 🦖
Alyssa Leah (13) wants to be an Actor 👩🏼‍🎤
Asher Augustus (11) wants to be a Formula One driver for Mercedes 🏎
Bryalee Brook (10) wants to be a Horse Vet
Boaz Theodore (7) wants to be an Animal Rescuer
All of these little Rose Buds then discussed what they were going to do each week and each day to achieve their dreams...
Wolfie has dropped off by this stage and was picking the Dinosuars out of his nose but all of the others came up with some pretty solid commitments!

Dreaming by the wellness advocate co nz
We planted some beautiful seeds today - discussed why applying themselves to different subjects at school would help Mt hem on their journey - B and B decided they would have to get really good at maths so they could measure the mls of medicine they would give their animals, they all committed to an extra curricular activity to move them closer to their dreams.

I love knowing my little people’s dreams as I know they can achieve success if they point themselves in the right direction!
What are your dreams??


p.s these two little animal lovers chose to drive up to Granny’s farm today to go riding and see the animals over Going to Rainbows end with the big kids! Win win win!!


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