Progress Not Perfection

Progress not perfection by The Wellness Advocate Co Nz


There is no planet B - One of the top values of is reducing our ecological footprint.

As we spend the holidays on New Zealand’s beautiful beaches, walking in nature and driving and seeing the sights - please take a moment to reflect on your previous efforts to maintain this beautiful country.

I would love to offer a few things I do personally to help reduce our tax on the environment.

Buy the majority of our food from the @kaiboxnz - consciously eating more plants and less meat, less packaging and food miles, eating seasonally and supporting local.

Use Essential Oils and glass to clean our home. And educating others to do the same. This reduces so many plastic bottles and toxins in our home (and ultimately in our waterways). You can buy these through our website - link in bio for 10% off.

Buy once - we save up and buy the best quality things, clothes, homewares we can. This way we can keep them for a long time and reduce waste.

Eco-friendly product - Progress not Perfection by The wellness Advocate Co Nz

Thrift shops - I have a passion for slow fashion and have spent hours over my lifetime sifting through recycle boutiques to find beautiful fabrics and tailored clothes that last forever.

Donate - every change of season I go through our families wardrobes, toys, books and objects and decide what we are truely using or what someone else may benefit from more than our family. I generally take my things to the Salvation Army as I love to support their addiction support programs.
Gift - I have humans in my life that I like to ‘gift’ the things too I simply can’t part with. My sister and I have had a revolving wardrobe for many many years and we pass clothes and things onto each other rather than letting them sit and be ‘wasted’.
Buy local - I have a few places I’m obsessed with and I know if I buy from them it is not only supporting their business but I am getting a superior product that I will treasure and hold on to for many years.

Toys - with so many kids (five) we are very conscious of our toy consumption (as it is highly visible when you buy things x5)! We prefer to buy adventures and experiences for the kids as well as books (that can be read many times and passed down to the next child). We also mainly buy toys from thrift shops (as I HATE buying plastic) and have collected most of the big toys from inorganic collections off the side of the road.

Remember - progress not perfection. I admit there are so many things we can work on, but becoming more conscious is definitely a great place to start.

Do you have any great ways you are reducing your ecological footprint?

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