Time Poverty

Time Poverty by The Wellness Advocate Co Nz


Time-poverty - it is a real thing!

And I know y’all are on holiday and you have forgotten how stressed and rushed you were in the lead up to Christmas.

Let’s look at some stats! Worldwide women do on average 4.5 hours of unpaid work a day (this is often on top their profession). In India this looks more like 6.5 hours.

Being hurried and stressed is a major buzz kill and guess what, I’m a joy seeker so let’s look at the ways I am fighting Time- Poverty in my life!

All you need is Less - Time Poverty by The Wellness Advocate Co Nz

1. Resetting expectations. All humans big and small are expected to contribute to all areas of life. I forgot to mention above - world wide men do an average of two hours unpaid work a day and India only one hour! WTF!!!

2. Having a weekly cleaner. (only $80 outlay a week), the first spend I contributed my weekly pay to. It resets everything to zero once a week and nobody wants to be cleaning toilets (not when you have four piss on the floor boys)!

3. Reduce Clutter. The less shit you have, the less there is to tidy up. Also baskets to throw all shit in and tidy once a week is a good time-poverty reducing strategy!

4. Washing. (The cancer tumour of any household with kids). Ron and I share the washing drying and accumulate a large pile and fold only 1-2 times a week. Feels better than having a never ending job!

5. Weekly Food Box Delivery. Cut down decision making, grocery shopping, overspending and gives us an epic variety of veggies which is so important for a healthy gut microbiome.

6. Boundaries around ‘downtime’. All humans in my house know after mumma has a shower/ bath at the end of the day she has switched off... that means no work talk, no dishes, no washing! Otherwise shit will get WILD!! .

Hope you can find a few ways to create more space in your life for joy, love and adventure.

Amy x



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