Tips To Get The Zzzzzs with Amy Boyd

Throughout our day, we have so many things going on. We have work and school, obligations to family and friends, regular maintenance for the home and car, and even some time for self-care. With all of those things to focus on, it’s difficult to find time for everything else—like getting a good night’s sleep. During the day, doTERRA essential oils can be used to help us maintain a healthy stress level. At night, there are several doTERRA essential oils that can help put us in the right mood for sleep. 

The Importance of Sleep to your Health

Along with nutrition and exercise, sleep is one of the three foundations for good health. However, a restful night's sleep might be difficult to come by. Sleep deprivation is more than simply a nuisance; it has been connected to significant health implications. Sleep deprivation can have an impact on your capacity to lose or maintain weight, as well as your emotions, motivation, and decision-making abilities. Sleep deprivation has been related to a variety of health problems and places a significant strain on practically every organ system in your body.

Sleep deprivation can have a severe impact on our mental and physical health. Make sure you're getting enough sleep to be healthy. Take advantage of these advantages of a good night's sleep.

Sleep & Mental Health

A good night’s sleep can enhance your memory as well as problem-solving abilities.

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is beneficial to your health.

Keep yourself motivated, vigilant, and involved.

A good night's sleep can improve your mood and possibly help you prevent depression.

Sleep & Physical Health

A good night's sleep can help in the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Sleep helps in the maintenance of a healthy immune system. The less sleep you get, the more difficult it is to battle common diseases.

Your body repairs critical cells and tissues as you sleep.

Some tips to get a quality sleep with Amy Boyd

Essential Oils for a Quality Sleep

There are many essential oils in the world that can help you induce a quality sleep and enjoy sweet dreams. Most of these essential oils have been in existence for centuries, with continuous improvements by generations of users.

When you’re ready to use essential oils in your nighttime routine, you want to choose ones that can create the calm, relaxing environment you crave at bedtime.  Here are the best essential oils for a quality sleep:

Beramot essential oil by The Wellness Advocate


With its soothing aroma, Bergamot oil can help promote a sense of calmness and harmony when used before bedtime. Interestingly, the aroma of Bergamot can be simultaneously calming and uplifting, which is useful for creating a peaceful atmosphere at the end of the day.

Cedarwood essential oil by The Wellness Advocate


Warm, woody Cedarwood oil can contribute to a calming environment when you want to unwind before bed. You can give any blend a grounded, woody scent by combining Cedarwood with other oils that are known to have calming aromas.

Serenity essential oil by the wellness advocate


Specifically blended for make a restful atmosphere at bedtime, dōTERRA Serenity® Restful Blend brings together some of the most calming essential oils—Lavender, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, and several others. To make this powerful blend even better, consider using it with dōTERRA Serenity Restful Complex Softgels.

Clary Sage essential oil by the wellness advocate

Clary Sage

The relaxing, balancing scent of Clary Sage oil can create a restful environment, helping you prepare for bed. The clary sage flower has a pleasant, herbal, and slightly floral aroma and has been used for its beneficial effects since the Middle Ages.


frankincense essential oil by the wellness advocate


The aroma of Frankincense oil can promote an atmosphere of calmness and balance. It’s frequently used for personal practices like yoga or meditation; however, the calming nature of Frankincense also lends itself to creating a relaxing environment before bed.

Lavender essential oil by the wellness advocate


When it comes to promoting a calming space, Lavender oil is considered a powerhouse—renowned throughout the world for its gentle, soothing nature. The light, floral aroma of Lavender makes it a go-to for creating a relaxing environment. Lavender can also be taken internally to promote a peaceful night of rest.

Now that we've learned about some of the best essential oils for a quality sleep. Let's talk about how to include some of the finest essential oils  into your nightly routine and help you get one step closer to that perfect night.

Lumo diffuser by the wellness advocate

Tips for maintaining a quality sleep routine: 

  • Put a drop of doTERRA Serenity on your pillow at bedtime.
  • Add two to three drops of doTERRA Serenity, Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood, or other relaxing oils to bathe prior to bed to promote relaxation.
  • Diffuse doTERRA Serenity, Lavender, Bergamot, Vetiver, Balance, or Cedarwood or apply a few drops to the bottoms of the feet at bedtime.
  • Take one to two doTERRA Serenity® Restful Complex Softgels before going to bed.
  • Give yourself a foot massage with Vetiver, Petitgrain, or Lavender to unwind at night.
  • You can add two to four drops of Lavender or Bergamot essential oil to herbal teas like chamomile or Lemongrass about 30 minutes before going to bed.
  • Alternatively, when you’re not in the mood for a warm drink, simply add two to four drops of Lavender into an empty capsule and swallow. 

Lifestyle Quality Sleep Routine

Limit your screen time at night.

Our brains are stimulated by blue light from screens. At least one hour before your planned bedtime, try to switch off all screens. Cell phones should not be used in the bedroom.

Make time for yourself.

Allow yourself an hour before night for "me time," with no technology distractions. Every day, we all require at least one hour of alone time. Take a hot bath or shower, listen to relaxing music, download a meditation app, and read a book or magazine.

Try doing some breathing exercises. 

To fall asleep and wake up, take ten slow, deep breaths. It should be a gradual inhale for 3 to 4 seconds via your nose and a slow exhale for 3 to 4 seconds through your mouth. You can boost the benefits of deep breathing by inhaling essential oils with it.

Make a sleeping "cave".

Make sure your sleeping environment is comfortable. Maintain a cool room temperature and try blackout shades.

During the day, go for a walk. 

Moving your body outside and being exposed to sunlight can help you sleep better at night.

Eat a few carbohydrates. 

Some people (particularly women) find that a few complex carbs in the evening help them sleep better if they are eating low carb or keto.

 Amy Boyd

While sleep is essential, try not to obsess over it! Worrying about sleep only adds to your level of stress. Instead, just try to get to bed on time and use these tips if you have any issues.

Getting Started 

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